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Kaffestuen and Pejsestuen

In everyday speech Kaffestuen (The Coffee Lounge) and Pejsestuen (The Fireplace Lounge) are just called "S-Huset Lyngby". They can be split up, and while Kaffestuen is only open during the day, Pejsestuen is sometimes open for stand-up or concerts later.
Kaffestuen is a café where both food and drinks can be bought at low prices, with further discounts for PF members. Tickets for events in S-Huset are sold here as well. Borrowing different games, such as snooker and board games, is also possible.
Pejsestuen is S-Huset’s lounge area. Here you can find snooker and foosball tables and cozy couches where you can enjoy your coffee, soda or beer. From Pejsestuen there are exits to the S-Hus garden, where you can enjoy the weather in the summer. In the S-Hus garden the widely used beer bowling field can be found.
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Polyteknisk Forening's Secretariat
Anker Engelunds Vej 1
Building 101 E
2800 Kgs. Lyngby
email: pf@pf.dk
Phone. +45 7742 4444
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Business hours

PF Secretariat Lyngby Campus

Monday: 09.15-15.00
Tuesday-Thursday: 08.30-15.30
Friday: 08.30-14.30

PF Secretariat Ballerup Campus
Wednesday: 9.00-14.00
Lyngby Campus

PF Caféen

Mon - Fri:      07:30 – 17:00

Mon - Fri:      07:30 – 19:00

Mon - Fri:      19:00 – ?
Ballerup Campus

S-Huset Ballerup

Mon - Fri:      07.30 - 17.30

Verners Kælder
Fri:                  14.00-  ?
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